Festive big-ups to all yáll

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It´s been a banner year for the humble young do-goods at Civil Civic HQ. Slobbering, effusive praise from dark corners of the internet, not one but two blockbuster European tours, a confusing single out on "Too Pure" (a fine, gentlemanly imprint) and a feeling around the office of impending DOMINATION OF ALL LIFE ON EARTH!

The small hoard of individuals who have contributed to this atmosphere of triumphant hubris are too many too mention individually, but to use a wretchedly tired cliche, "you know who you are"!
If you´ve booked us, or written nice things about us, or bought one of our fine musical releases, or paid to see one of our shows, or any of that stuff, we salute you and confirm that when our Thousand Year Kingdom is established on Earth, you will have a good seat at the table. It´s a lock.

Here´s to you, you fine human specimens. We will do our damndest to deserve your efforts in ´11. 



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