Back on the bloghorse - Operation Nimbus is GO!

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Much dark and troubled water has passed under the bridge since we last met, dear reader, and the scabby hands of fate have dealt out many chinese burns, crowpecks and painfull wedgies.

Pour moi, the first few months of twothousandandeleven were dominated by physical injury, unemployment, bankruptcy, relationship breakdown and complete nervous collapse......and that was the fun stuff.

But avast that weepy bullshit. 

Who needs to listen to some booze addled bass player whine about his personal waking nightmares when the CC Special once more has a full head of steam and is heading straight for True Greatness, stopping at Fun Town, Party Central, and Piercing Feedbackville along the way. We will crush those who oppose us, burn their cities and pave the way to Valhalla with slabs of pure Civilian noise!!!!

Our new single, AIRSPRAY, rocketed to the top of the Indonesian pop charts within hours of being leaked, resulting in massive street protests and a fatwah for our deaths being issued by a number of radical clerics. 

It turns out that combining fuzz bass and plinky synth to make summery smash hits is considered sinfull in some circles, which is perhaps understandable. During our extensive focus group testing we found that while the majority of patricipants experienced feelings of elation and wellbeing, a significant minority suffered severe nausea, headaches and feelings of extreme hostility.

Security camera footage from a recent focus group conducted in our top-secret underground research facility in Turkmenistan.

In other news, our lifestyles were slandered and ridiculed after this suggestive photo was leaked to The Saudi Gazette and featured in a double page spread on "Decadent Western entertainers who have sex with inflatable objects".

When will handsome young men be able to squeeze half-inflated beach-balls and touch their breasts without the arab press going ape-shit and reading all sorts of weird shit into it??? Really.

On a lighter note, a shockingly large number of fine, discerning humans have seen fit to hasten the dawning of the next Golden Age by pre-ordering our forthcoming debut album. 

Having spent our last pennys (down to the 2 pounds we found under the cushions of the Baarons antique leather smoking chair) on recording and mixing, we are now appealing to the general public to fund mastering and pressing of this masterpiece by placing a pre-order HERE.

As if all this high-speed Civiccy action wasn't enough, we also took to the road recently to bring our home-spun, box-driven awesomeness to the euro-publique. This five date mini-tour was code-named "Operation Nimbus" and conducted in an atmosphere of rude hilarity and moronic jubilation. 

There is no connection whatsoever to the French dog-poop-bag dispenser program of the same name. None at-all.

Nauseating details of this wrong-headed vanity project will soon be available for your perusal in this very blogular space, but in the meantime please get your virtual arse over to that thar indiegogo page and place your order. 

'Tis a matter of great urgency and stuff.

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  1. the illegitimate daughter of John Zorn

    welcome on the blog Ben!
    see you at La Plage :-)

    June 21, 2011 at 1:33 PM

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