Morning routines with BVC3

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When it comes to crunching email in the morning, Baaron Von Cuddles III does not fuck around. As soon as his rhuemy eyes rip open at the crack of eleven, that inbox is going to get the shit kicked out of it. 

Crazed, abusive, eight-word replies just flying everywhere. 

Fucking chaos, man.

But that doesn't mean the guy is no fun, that he can't take a second to appreciate the simple things, the real things.

Like cow-in-a-can.

Look how happy it makes him. He's like a little kid.

So stop taking his insults and death-threats so personally, yeah? 
What's wrong with you people? Just fucking move on. 

For fucks sake, leave the Baaron alone!

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  1. Anonymous

    We only molest you both because we love you. =)


    January 21, 2012 at 10:04 PM

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