2012 - The Year That Was

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It's the "Festive Season". 

It's a special time of year, even for Australian ex-patriots and chronic masturbators who are living lives of fear and desperation in economic crisis zones and calling themselves "musicians" on their tax forms.

Poor, deluded motherfuckers. When will these people grow up?

Anyway, it's time to throw up a gaggle of random happy snaps from the touring year to represent 2012 from the perspective of the Civil Civic Pop Music Concern.

2012 was nothing if not interesting, with dizzyingly high highs and crushingly low lows, and a whole lot of action in the middle. So on behalf of the CCPMC I'd like to thank the many and varied individuals who contributed to our well-being in the last 12 months. 

Special thanks to Amande, Pierre and Paolo, who all dealt with our Spring crisis with patience and good humor.  You will not be overlooked when The Baaron and myself are dispensing rewards and punishments from our golden thrones on Mount Olympus (sometime this coming june if all goes to plan).

Anyway, here are the snapzzz. Scroll through them really fast and just soak up the awesome sense of fun and adventure!!

Peace on earth, goodwill to women. 
Take care, sluggers.


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