From the webernet.

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Goddmanit. I just GOTSTA re-post this nifty animated gif from over on the Monocultured blog.

Left, Aaron - Centre L.H.S.H.N.G.Right, Benjy.

Lone Hooded Swedish Head Nodding Guy...we salute you!

If my memory serves me (a million to one shot, I admit), that LHSHNG is the screamer from Fucking Werewolf Asso. Il est grand honneur!

The guy from the monocultured blog quite rightly scolded me for failing to mention the small clutch of ten-rad dudes and dudettes who "copped" our "merch" that night, thus helping to finance our Hubris Induced Vanity Excercise (tour, in laymans terms).

I´m fucked if I remember your names, soldiers, but you are the pride of Sweden. Vi älskar dig.


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