it's official: Runoverdrive/fuck youth

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It's July 5th. Which means our latest good-times, genre-snubbing, strident but reflective, disciplined but often in detention, double B-Side 7" smash is 'OFFICIALLY RELEASED'.

And, after you stop applauding at your computer screen in an impulsive fit of hysteria, you may ask aloud 'so what!? I've had this on my iPod for over a month!'. Well, good, well done. BUT, now you can direct your unenlightened friends to the safe havens of iTunes or Emusic or Amazon and many other a respectable e-shoppe to purchase our racket with the attribution of a comforting and officious Recommended Retail Price.

Of course you could still send them to our own dusty corner store to get it for what ever price they choose (including nada) if hanging about in an ungentrified area of town does not offend them.

Also, it will turn up on Spotify whenever those highly-enlightened, super-hip, but somewhat slack-as-shit Swedes decide to add it to their library. Stay tuned civilians....


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